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Tree Sprites, Wood Nymphs & Mistletoe fancies

Just in Time for Halloween...

Mato Tipila

Titania's Dream Faery Hair Vine

Just the Cutest Things !!

Merlin and At Least One of the Wives...

Joy Bubbles

Squidoo Sale...shhh don't tell;-)

Danglies n Sparklies n Stuff

Hey, We're Virtual

Autumn Flame Copper & Amethyst Set

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Africa: Wire Artisans Guild of Etsy

Titania's Dream Earrings

Lorriane's Wedding

Happy Anniversary my Beloved Circlet Wizard

Tiara for A Fairy Bridesmaid

Emergency Weddings

Daughter of the South Wind

A Lovely Evening

A Bit of Jewelry in Between

Gustav DID Weaken, but still threatens...

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